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The Wise Wizards' Guide to Magic

Professor Lorekeeper, PhD is an expert on mythical creatures and a decorated scholar who is famous in many worlds. Professor Lorekeeper thanks First Class Wizards Wonder and Sage, as well as countless Fairy, Mermaid and Giant experts for their help in creating this guide. 

wise wizards guide wonderstruck

About the Guide

This guide to spells, tributes and magical beings is a great tool for imaginative play! The format allows for campers (Junior Magic Apprentices) to include their own notes from imagined interactions with fairies, wizards, elves and other magical creatures. The guide features several sections:

  1. Wand Rules and Spells (nothing creepy, occult-related, scary or gross)

  2. Magical creature information (mermaids, wizards, fairies, giants and humans and their languages)

  3. Tributes to appease various magical creatures (these are basic arts and crafts or drama activities to please mythical creatures. For example, wizards might demand a skit or a song in order to interpret a note written in Mer-ish (mermaid language), Fae-rish (fairy langauge) or Giant.

  4. Notes sections for kids to record their own experiences with magic.

The spells and tributes do not require expensive or out-of-the-ordinary ingredients or materials. Tributes are written as suggestions, and can be completed using everyday arts and crafts supplies.

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